Sorry for dog attack

I AM the owner of the dog featured in the story on last week’s Herald front page.

I would first like to say sorry to the mother and daughter. I understand it was a horrible and terrifying experience for any person with any breed of dog.

Our garden is fully closed off, there is fencing both sides and a brick wall at the end, not even a gate for Lily the dog to escape from.

The heavy winds in the night caused the fence from my garden to my neighbour’s garden to collapse, I let Lily out and went back upstairs, where a couple minutes later I heard a scream, looked out my window and saw Lily in the street,

I went straight out and she came straight in. I told the mother she was in, we then had the police round to check on us and Lily, and the outcome, as stated in last week, was no concern.

Later in the week, whilst I was working, the mother and daughter came round the house and spoke to my partner and said they were very sorry for calling the police; they got the wrong end of the stick as they did not know of the fence falling.

My partner then introduced Lily to both the mother and daughter, who stroked her.

Lily is not a vicious dog, she is always surrounded with people and young children.

This is the first time she has been alone in the street and will certainly be the last, I do understand that any dog alone in the street is dangerous and scary for any passer-by.

Lily has been to dog classes and is a very obedient dog.

This is not to justify what happened, it is only to put my side. We are not bad owners, Lily is not just a toy to us, she is our dog, a family member and she is a good one at that.

Leigh Woods

Coleridge Crescent