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Your letters

Thank you for printing the article ‘Wildlife group wants Brooklands dredged’ last week.

I concur with Marjorie Wright, of the Brooklands Wildlife Support Group, and also the many people who enjoy the lake area throughout the seasons.

At its best it is so beautiful, tranquil and much loved , but it is being spoiled by the ‘problem’ with the water.

This cannot go on.

The opinions of much-respected wildlife experts from the Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service is being ignored.

The dredging of the lake has to be done regularly, every five to ten years, in order to keep the silt at bay.

This has not been done and now we have birds dying. The fate of the swans this year has been a tragedy.

Please, Worthing council, get this sorted.

I may live in Lancing, but I still care about the wildlife in Worthing.

Joyce Booker

Manor House Place


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