Space confusion

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As at this moment in the year there is considerable interest in the secondary schools in Worthing perhaps somebody could throw some light on what appears to be a possible anomaly in numbers.

At present, there are close to 5,000 pupils on roll in the secondary schools.

This means when the change in admission age takes place there will be about 1,250 extra pupils to be catered for, not allowing for any further increase in pupil numbers.

This will possibly be offset by the provision of the very conveniently placed new school taking 900 pupils. Thus we have at least 350 pupils looking for a home at a time when the current secondary schools are already at full capacity.

Can I congratulate the current planners on continuing their predecessors’ capacity for total debacles, to wit, first the decision to introduce the secondary age at 12 and then to solve the then problem of surplus secondary places by merging two schools into one.

I await with interest any response through the pages of the paper and I suggest to prospective parents that they might like to include this in their list of questions when visiting the secondary schools they are interested in.

Paul LeCount

Stonehurst Road