Sparkling show

During this damp, dismal, depressing weather, what better tonic than to brave the elements and enjoy the sparkling sounds and sights of a Viennese­-style concert!

No need to travel to Vienna when it is all here in Worthing, at the town’s magnificent Assembly Hall.

The Worthing Symphony Orchestra traditionally welcomes in the New Year with a magnificentarray of waltzes, polkas and marches by the Strauss family, and on this occasion we were alsotreated to music by another Viennese resident, Wolfgang Mozart, in one of his fab four hornconcertos, expertly played by Dave Lee.

Conductor John Gibbons’s other guest was young soprano Prudence Sanders, bringing much­needed Australian sunshine (unfortunately on the very day our cricketers were finally trounced bythe Aussies!) with her beautiful red frock and delightful songs from Opera and Operetta.

Naturally, the final three pieces were The Blue Danube Waltz, Thunder and Lightning Polka and the Radestsky March – the latter piece accompanied by the audience’s excited clapping!

Marilyn Dennis

via email