Speed concerns

I am writing in connection with the current discussions regarding traffic speeding control in Worthing.

Whilst I appreciate the 20 is plenty campaign it would be nice if there was some control maintained on existing 30mph regulations.

Ivydore Avenue and New Road in Durrington currently have a 30mph speed limit and 7.5 ton weight limits, both of which are blatantly ignored by the traffic using these roads.

Recently, there was an accident at the junction of Ivydore Avenue and New Road which closed these roads for approximately two hours. It can only be a matter of time before something more serious happens with the volume of traffic using these roads as a ‘rat run’ through to the A259.

I have been in touch with the police and highways department but nothing appears to be happening to enforce the regulations.

Twenty is plenty, but 30 would be nice!

Shirley Calvert

Ivydore Avenue