‘Splendid show’

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LAST Friday, students at Worthing College invited 60 guests of all ages to a Christmas tea and entertainment organised by the Students’ Union.

The music department put on a splendid show of musical talent and the pre-school children’s rendition of Little Donkey was something that will stay with me.

I would like to thank everyone who organised the event. All the students were so welcoming and to my amazement they had supplied and made all the sandwiches and cakes themselves. These students weren’t doing the usual sit-ins and complaining about cuts in grants.

I was enormously impressed, especially when we hear and read so much negativity in the media everyday about young people’s bad behaviour. And sure enough after I returned home and put the news on there were two horrific reports of attempted and actual murder.

But that memorable afternoon has helped change my perception of young people and given me some hope for future generations.

I remember clearly the domestic science/home economics teacher at my school tell us girls in one class how to make afternoon tea for your future husband and friends – (only). How times have changed!

Joan Wade

Wordsworth Road