Spyglass owner replies

WITH reference to the letters about the Spyglass Inn, our aim when we decided to take over this venue was to try and bring a bit of life back to a boring concrete and glass building.

The business had changed hands constantly over the last couple of years. It was failing to attract enough customers to survive after paying huge rents and business rates, which is one of the reasons it was sold. We decided to take a gamble because we felt there was a gap in the market for a good fish restaurant and for good-quality real ales and if we made it different from all the rest we just might be able to survive.

I was and am devastated that a small number of people and Worthing Council dislike the decoration; our intention was not to shock or offend anyone, when we decorated the property we decided to copy some items that were already in Worthing. Awnings the same as Caffé Neros, and a pirate the same as the Cornwall Pasty shop. We tried to theme the bar to make it different from what was already on offer and because of our background we decided to make a Cornish theme. It has been said it should not be Cornish theme it should be Sussex theme as we are in Sussex, but I have looked and cannot find what a Sussex theme is?

Since we opened the bar just before Christmas, the response from most people has been very encouraging they are pleased another venue has opened to give them more choice in Worthing. They like the décor, and they like having the option of being able to go somewhere else to unwind.

They have said we should be congratulated on taking a gamble to open a bar in the present economic climate, when so many bars and pubs are closing. But it seems some people would rather see another Tesco, a charity shop or a pound shop here and for it to be the same as any other town centre in the country that lacks a bit of individuality.

Worthing is a beautiful place, we have been in the area for about 25 years but it is a lot different now, than it was then. People change, times change, and places change, making things individual keeps things alive and fresh and, hopefully, interesting for people who visit our town. It was the last thing on my mind to offend or break any planning rules and I will endeavour to put right anything that was done wrong, and if the people of Worthing do not like or don’t want my establishment in Worthing, ok, fair enough I will remove it, but I would much rather keep it as it is.

Let families come and enjoy Worthing and let me provide a good-quality hostelry that they can use, and be made very welcome with their children, A place their children enjoy coming to, hopefully, they will come back again and again and tell others that we are good hosts in Worthing.

Thank you to all the people who have shown me their support, it is greatly received. We have and had no intention of cheapening Worthing, our intention is to keep Worthing on the map as a holiday destination where people come to visit and enjoy!

Kevin Jenkins

owner, the Spyglass Inn

Marine Parade