Squeezed for greed

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LOOKING at the Beach Hotel redevelopment, which was granted planning permission, it is not hard to follow the mathematics of those involved in the decision-making process.

- Beach Hotel owners – 79 bedrooms = 76 bedrooms + 49 apartments = much more money

- Roffey Homes – 49 apartment = lots of money

- Worthing Council = lots of ££ “contribution”

- Sensitivity to local area = nil

I agree with Mr Townsend-Green in last week’s Herald, as I don’t think the officers in the planning department are objective. I guess we all know money makes the world go round.

I have no objection to a redevelopment at all – where I do object is where it is clear that greed has ruled the day, and it is plain to see that this is the case where so much is being squeezed out of the development area by extending from four to seven floors – an utter disgrace.

Patrick Hamilton

Milton Road