Staff put at risk

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Your letters

OK. Worthing Borough Council, be honest, and tell us who was it you sent on a course to learn ‘many ways to screw the motorist’ and came up with the idea ‘cut the nurses shared parking scheme’?

Or did you get the idea from one of the ‘payday loan’ companies (112 per cent).

Brighton and Hove councils give their employees free parking permits (The Argus March 9, 2014) and I dare say, so does Worthing, if not, a reduced fee, so why is Worthing Council stopping ‘shared parking’ for nurses who use the car park opposite the hospital?

It’s a short, safe walk from the car park to the hospital for staff on early or late shift, a vulnerable time due to some Neanderthals who roam our streets looking for something to steal or someone to attack for kicks.

Come on, Worthing Council, you are putting our medical staff at risk.

If they cannot afford to use the car park anymore they will be forced to find alternative and cheaper parking further away and walk the streets to and from the hospital in the early hours or late at night, even more fearful if the ‘turn off the street lights’ is adopted.

The job they do is stressful enough with staff shortages and this action will exacerbate the stress.

So for all staff, bring back the shared parking scheme. Personally, I think it should be free for staff. I am sick of reading what authorities and government award themselves while screwing the public.

Robert Whiting

Hayling Rise,


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