Staff take priority

IN response to the letter Food for Thought, Mrs McBrien needs to be put straight on several facts.

The Shoreline Restaurant is first and foremost Worthing Hospital’s staff canteen.

Patients’ relatives and outsiders can also use the facilities. This is reflected in the price of the meals. Staff get a 15 per cent discount.

The old staff canteen was getting very shabby and then had to be replaced following a fire.

The restaurant functions from 7.30am until 7.30pm, 365 days a year. The menu caters for all tastes with daily changes, and they’ve a wide choice of beverages all at very reasonable costs.

Yes, I agree the League of Friends Cafés do a good job, but you can’t compare what’s on offer. They do not function 365 days a year. Their hours are considerably shorter, too.

At Shoreline, the chefs and staff do a wonderful job. They are all so cheerful and helpful. I go up there and it cheers me up no end and saves me the tedious task of cooking for one!

The place is kept spotlessly clean by the hard-working staff. It’s getting more and more popular.

I think Worthing Hospital is on to a winner with this one.

Pay the restaurant a visit, Mrs McBrien, I think you would be pleasantly surprised (it’s accessible by lift from the main car park and has toilets and a disabled one. Everyone is catered for).

However, I do agree with your comments about the empty properties. Many years ago, they were occupied by the junior doctors. When these houses are put into use – like the others leading down to the main entrance and the ground floor of what used to be the nurses’ accommodation, facing Lyndhurst Road – they appear to have expensive renovations only to become yet more offices.

Mrs P Chandler

Madeira Avenue