Standing firm?

I READ in your paper a few weeks ago that the stoppage mid-development of the Eirene Road development was possibly due to an attempt by the developers to remove the obligation to provide public toilets and co-operate with the yacht club.

Although annexe B of circular 05/2005 (office of the deputy prime minister) allows reconsideration of obligations, this would not appear to be mandatory.

Joan Bradley, now she has been re-elected, and I understand is chairman of the planning committee, should think of Worthing residents’ health before the profits of the developer.

If the toilets are not built, thousands of present or future visitors to Worthing could suffer inconvenience and ill-health just for the benefit of a few hundred future leaseholders and the developers.

I trust the planning committee will stand firm for us.

Mr J.E.J. Townsend-Green

West Parade