State of verges

Eric Waters’ letter complains of the lack of mowing on the roundabout at the junction of Grinstead Lane and the A27.

This site is the responsibility of the Highways Agency and not West Sussex County Council.

By coincidence I have been in contact with the Highways Agency over the past 10 days concerning the lack of attention to the verges and central reservation along the A27 between the airport and the roundabout.

I had concerns about visibility eastwards at the gap in the central reservation at Hoe Court as it was becoming difficult to see traffic approaching from the 70 mph zone.

Within three days, I was aware that mowing and strimming was taking place and Mr. Waters should by now be aware that all areas have now been dealt with, including one operative working until 10pm.

Whether this work would have take place anyway or whether my communication had some influence I don’t know but it’s good to see that the grass has been cut for the first time since early 2012, which I understand was due to ‘government cuts’.

Joy Pearce

Old Shoreham Road