‘Stealth’ developing

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THE ASDA development is being performed with the usual stealth adopted between local government and the developer.

The majority of residents appeared reasonably happy with a large outlet but the latest “discovery” about the sewage plant was never muted by either Arun council planning or the developer. The “discovery” was found purely by accident when someone went into the Environment Agency site and informs us that ASDA are dumping the effluence from their sewage into the Rife via what is no more than a silted-up ditch bordering one of the fields owned by Roundstone Farm.

The ditch they intend to dump in runs into a natural pond which is full of carp, perch, tench, dace, roach and varieties of bream which then runs into the Rife. My grandchildren fish that pond as good grounding for piscatorial skills and hundreds of children fish and play in the outfall of the Rife on Ferring beach.

The statement (by ASDA) that the effluence will not be harmful to the environment in any way does not reassure me at all as I have worked in conjunction with a water company based in North America and know from experience that they have problems.

If ASDA will say categorically that they will guarantee 100 per cent that there will be no failures and indemnify anyone who is affected by pollution, in any way, it will go some way to reassure me.

Come on, ASDA, pull the other one, put up the ante for a decent sewage system or don’t put your pitch in our ditch

Phil Carter

Highdown Way