Stolen pears

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Your letters

I have a conference pear tree in my front garden, which I planted as a memorial to my old dog. The tree has been there eight years now and has had a handful of pears most years.

This year, however, it has been absolutely covered, to the point where I removed half when they were plum- sized and another third when they were double that size, as I feared the weight would break the branches.

Last weekend, my husband and I picked some and they were delicious, but still a bit firm. We decided to leave the rest a week to ripen, before picking the rest.

On Friday, I inspected the tree (as I have done every morning before getting in my car) and... every single pear had gone.

The Japanese anemones in the same bed had been well and truly trampled and there was no evidence of half-eaten pears (which there would be, if wildlife was to blame). The tree is halfway up our drive, but not close enough to the house for the security light to come on.

Have any other Herald readers had problems, too?

Cathy Garton

Findon Valley,


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