Stop smoking

Since smoking was banned, the sales of cigarettes has apparently dropped by 11 per cent.

The numbers of smokers has dropped by two per cent.

Tests on bar staff in Scotland showed an improvement in lung function after one month after smoking was banned. There is also the question of the cleanliness of pubs. There is no longer a pall of cigarette ash.

Ventilated rooms do not work – the smell gets through and so does the smoke. The staff will also suffer.

It is very true that so many pubs have closed that pubs in general are in danger. Much of that is due to cheap alcohol in supermarkets and the fact that most pubs are pretty miserable places.

There are some that will survive, but I am afraid more will go.

The way to stop people smoking is to increase the price and ban smoking in any public place including the street.

Free nicotine patches or other treatments would also help. Yes, there would be loss of revenue but the reduction in fires and medical treatment would cover that.

D.S. Humphreys

Meadow Road