Strange lightning could be UFO

AS I was buying some mackerel from a fisherman on Worthing beach last Tuesday, he told me of a strange experience he’d had during the night.

He was fishing a quarter of a mile off the (now closed) Half Brick pub in East Worthing on July 19.

At 4.20am, he suddenly looked up to see what appeared to be “lightning behind the clouds, flashing – like sheet lightning, but flashing”.

Then he saw a bright circular object “about half or a quarter the size of the moon” moving behind the clouds and in and out of them.

The object, which was descending, appeared to be the source of the brilliant illumination. He told me he thought he was going to see it crash into the sea and there would be an explosion and he felt it may have come down in the sea some five miles away.

If it made a sound, he didn’t hear it over the boat’s engine.

The whole sighting was over in a matter of seconds.

Although the fisherman conceded that what he saw could have been a plane with a very bright light or even ball lightning, he didn’t sound particularly convinced with such explanations.

He’s no stranger to aerial phenomena, having seen numerous meteorites and shooting stars while fishing off Worthing at night.

He told me he regarded what he saw in the early hours of July 19 as distinctly strange. Stephen Webbe

Brighton Road