Street name confusion

I don’t believe it.

Worthing and Adur, sorry Adur and Worthing, have won the “Street Naming and Numbering Policy Implementation Exemplar Award 2012”.

How can this be?

Here in BN11, we have total confusion regarding addresses.

People are wandering the streets like headless chickens, unable to find their homes.

Babies are left on the wrong doorsteps as the stork flies in.

The tooth fairy, pockets bulging with undelivered cash, finds only dentures at the wrong address.

And the poor postman has to have a mid-delivery lie down in his barrow.

And the cause of all this perplexity?

You may well ask.

At the west end of St Michael’s Road there is an apostrophe on the street sign, whilst at the other end of St Michaels there is NO apostrophe.

How can this happen in this day and age when the borough is supposed to follow the “Towns Improvement Clauses Act 1847 and the Public Health Act 1925”?

As soon as the weather warms up I will be out there with my box of spare apostrophes, collected over many years of teaching, and rectify this appalling situation, then, and only then, can Adur and Worthing councils be justly lauded and hold aloft their award of “Street Naming and Numbering Policy Implementation Exemplar Award 2012”.

Christopher Lane

St Michael’s Road, Worthing