Struck by language

I AM struck by the language used by Southern Water in describing this significant environmental incident: “leak” perhaps meaning deliberate redirecting of sewage into the sea, the Environment Agency made reference to “technical issues” perhaps meaning no effective contingency plan or failure to invest in back-up pumps and equipment.

I also wonder why the public were not warned of the danger within hours rather than days?

Some people may already be experiencing health issues as a result.

In addition, all the normal beach and sea-based activities associated with summer were curtailed for local residents and visitors, swimming, sailing, kite-surfing, fishing etc.

Polluting a wide area of the West Sussex coastline is surely an environmental disaster that requires serious investigation and attention by Southern Water and the Environment Agency.

While the priority now should be to clean up the beaches and sea, keep the public fully informed, as well as now devising and implementing effective contingency plans for the future.

I assume that Southern Water may also be liable for significant fines to better focus their attention on the duty to the public involved implicit in running a privatised monopoly utility.

Nick Muggridge

College Hill