Stuck in the ‘50s

IN response to Richard Kingshott’s letter of May 10, we would like to wholeheartedly support the views that were expressed regarding Worthing’s lack of imagination and regeneration of the town, which definitely seems to be stuck in the 1950s.

It has not shaken off the ambience of a seaside town from a bygone age and has not kept pace with the developments of a populace that has much wider experience and expectations.

We moved into the area just over 18 months ago from North Surrey and have been shocked by the lack of investment, facilities and general shabbiness of the town, especially when compared to places like Sutton, Epsom and Kingston for example, which we were used to. It almost seems like the local council have either a total lack of imagination or are running it down on purpose.

Worthing’s seafront architecture, other than the area between the concrete multi-storey car park monstrosity and The Steyne which needs a total refurbishment/redevelopment, is probably the envy of a lot of other seaside towns but has not been made the best of.

Town centre shopping, restaurants and cafés need an injection of vibrant, modern facilities.

There is a distinctive feel of a lack of modern “café culture” which is available and welcoming in other town centres nearby.

The town centre urgently needs an injection of a selection of upmarket and popular outlets for everyone with a discerning style to want to shop there, let alone be able to afford to because of the ridiculous car parking charges.

Worthing could, and should, regain its place as a welcoming, seaside town, where the visitor can enjoy a day on the beach, a rewarding shopping experience and all sorts of good-quality refreshment in pleasant, clean, surroundings.

Paul and Linda Hanlan

Herm Road