Super Salvation

The Worthing Salvation Army treated us residents to yet another brilliant concert on Saturday evening as part of their 130th anniversary in Worthing.

The music was superb, the singing awe inspiring and the variety mind boggling.

I have no doubts that the Salvation Army will be in Worthing for another 130 years because of the way they embrace youth.

They encourage, teach and nurture our young people to perform to the highest standard The very young Charlotte Cozens showed amazing skills when playing Annie’s Tune with her flute, surely this young lady is a star of the future!

The Salvation Army has correctly identified that youth are the future, the youth have integrated seamlessly with the “mature” members and it is blatantly obvious that it is mutually beneficial.

Thank you Salvation Army for the past 130 years; here’s looking forward to the next 130.

Tom Wye

Ashacre Lane