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Your letters

While on holiday in Newfoundland I had experience as a pedestrian of what a 20mph limit is like.

It is not wonderful and pleasant as Duncan Kay would have you believe.

The traffic was crawling round at much less than 20mph and pedestrians didn’t seem to consider the traffic.

I wasn’t sure of my directions and stopped walking to consider the options.

I was on the pavement well away from the kerb. The traffic stopped in case I wished to cross the road.

I was embarrassed, appalled and disgusted to see motorists behaving like Pavlov’s dogs.

I should hate to see that happen over here.

Our system where pedestrians have crossing points or can cross in other places if the road is clear is superior.

The roads are for traffic and it is important that it keeps moving. If a main road is blocked the minor roads must be available as alternative routes without unnecessary restrictions on them.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue,


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