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My thoughts on the teachers strike is that parents do not support strike action because the disruption is to their children, who happen to be the next generation of workers and need a settled and productive education.

Many parents work much harder and longer than teachers and at the same time have to cover the teacher strike days without the benefit of close family to help and so have to rely on friends or pay. These are the harsh realities of our country at the moment and tough choices have to be made all round.

Unfortunately, unions have their own fat cat agenda and power play which to my way of thinking does not pave the way for compromise and seems to exacerbate the problem rather than cure it. It would be very interesting to know what level of actual teacher support there is with this action and why.

As parents we are constantly bombarded with information about how bad even a few days off per term can be for our children’s education, which means that with strike action they are deliberately sabotaging my children’s future. The unions and the teachers cannot have it all their own way. It is about time parents and the Government stood up to both.

Problems within the education system should be dealt with like adults and not by throwing your teddy in the corner and making parents and children suffer.

Rose Ryder

Berriedale Drive


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