Surprise over Spyglass recommendation

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I WAS very surprised and disappointed to read in the Worthing Herald last week (July 5) that the borough council’s planning committee is being “recommended” to refuse retrospective planning permission for the nautical additions to the Spyglass Inn.

Who is making this “recommendation”? Worthing is a seaside town and I would have thought it entirely appropriate to have a bar on the seafront sporting a smuggling, nautical facade, even if it is based around a Cornish theme. (There is an Italian and Mediterranean Restaurant, Casa Ciro, next door. Is that also inappropriate?)

In my opinion, the boat, the pirate, and the beer-barrels, etc., are an attractive, eye-catching feature and entirely in keeping with a general seaside townscape. The business appears to be thriving, probably due to in no small measure to the fact that the bar stands out as being different and inviting.

There are plenty of nondescript establishments in Worthing – many of them shut down. Hitchcocks Restaurant, Nickels and Dimes Family Entertainment Centre, and Sopranos Italian Restaurant, on the seafont close to the Spyglass Inn, are all empty and up for sale.

It’s good to see somebody with a bit of confidence setting up a business in the town and they should be encouraged, not criticised for attempting to be different. It is difficult enough in our casino-bank induced recession for any enterprise to succeed. Don’t make it even more difficult!

I seem to remember Worthing Council’s same negative approach to the East Beach Artists when they set up next to the Coast Café on the seafront, Only after a long, drawn-out wrangle with the planning department were they allowed to establish themselves into a fine contribution to the bustling seafront area.

Worthing is a seaside town desperately trying to rediscover itself. The Spyglass Inn is a seaside bar, trying to make a difference.

For goodness sake, wake up, Worthing! Give them a chance.

Mike Whiting

Seamill Park Avenue