Surprised at cost

I WAS very interested to learn from Mr Yallop (page 2 of March 1 edition of Worthing Herald) that even if all three theatres were closed, it would still cost £700,000 a year to run them.

This seems to imply to me that the figure of £1.2million that they currently cost includes a good deal of “overheads” that are being allocated to this part of the borough’s expenditure.

Having been a manager in charge of expense allocation for a multi-million pound commercial business, I know the difficulties of allocation of overheads, and generally they have to be borne by individual departments. If one department then closes, the remaining departments then have to bear an increased share of overheads. Have more detailed figures behind the £1.2million loss ever been published? I, for one, would be interested to see them.

Donovan Brown

Hurston Close