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May I, through your paper, extend my sincere thanks to everyone for their hard work on the Rowland Gibson charity swim annual event (see story on page 12).

This was my 20th and final year as event organiser, during which time over £100,000 has been raised – almost exclusively by the children. There are so many people I particularly need to thank but this year has been exceptional. Cllr Bob Smytherman has been the best, kindest and most fun mayor with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work and his kindness to me in my last year in the role has been unsurpassable.

The support from some of our schools has been incredible, as has support and sponsorship from local businesses. If I tried to thank everyone personally, I’d need your entire paper but there is one person who has been with me every step of every year, hiding mostly in the background – my son, Peter.

He has helped every year, without complaint, raised a lot of money, too, as well as helping. He must have swum the Channel several times over during the past 20 years!

Support from local county councillor Robin Rogers, councillors Hazel Thorpe, Christine Brown and former councillor Tom Wye has also been given for many years

My good wishes go to Tony Lelliott of Worthing Town Football Club, who has shadowed me this time so that he can take over as organiser (he has no idea what he’s let himself in for) and to Cllr Vic Walker, mayor for 2014-15.

Tha mayor’s charity team this year has been so well organised and I know Cllr Smytherman has enjoyed a phenominal year as he will being town cryer next year.

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough but it’s the only phrase that comes close but I’m certainly going out on a high.

Thank you. Worthing Homes Ltd and mayor’s charity team for the stunning award and to anyone I haven’t named, it’s not that you’ve been forgotten.

Trudi Starling

Alexandra Court


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