‘Take defeat’

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Your letters

In the letter of January 8, E. Stevens claims that the council, when deciding whether to make Worthing 20mph on residential roads, preferred to listen to 67 per cent of Worthing’s residents, who he/she claims are ‘rat-run drivers’.

I would like to advise E. Stevens that so-called rat-run drivers do not necessarily exceed the 30mph speed limit.

They use residential roads for a cut-through to avoid traffic lights and roundabouts, etc., which is totally irrelevant to the 20mph issuie.

The 20’s Plenty campaign went on for over a year, in which both sides, for and against, put their views in writing, with dozens of letters printed in the Herald.

We then had two votes on the subject – one for the

Herald readers then one by

the council.

The result of both these votes resulted in an overwhelming no to 20mph.

Our democratically elected council eventually decided to keep things as they are.

Take defeat on the chin, because all the moaning in the world will not change the council’s mind.

Stan Mayle

Alinora Crescent


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