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Your letters

With regard to the Worthing Herald article on the Tourist Information Centre, leaving aside the rights and wrongs of the debate about replacing the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) with the old red phone boxes to serve as new digital information stations, what a good idea!

This is with the possible exception of the existing boxes in Steyne Gardens, especially on the south west corner with its inspiring, artistic and creative seagull theme – an excellent example of what is to be expected from Worthing.

Please leave it as it is, but particularly not that on the north west corner of Steyne Gardens.

The phone box presently there is of the last BT design (not the iconic red, award-winning, K6 Scott design).

This BT box has long been out of use and neglected. It is filthy and not a good advertisement for Worthing.

True, with the ever-increasing use of mobile phones, few would be likely to need to use this box, but even casual passers-by couldn’t fail to notice its disgraceful condition.

Clearly, it is long past the time it should have been removed, so, why is it still there?

Will those responsible please take this opportunity to replace it with something better (perhaps a red TIC box) or, in any event, remove it altogether.

It serves no useful purpose and is detrimental to the Worthing image.

Jeremy Robinson

Brighton Road


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