Tales from Tiller?

I AM writing a book about the wartime experiences of Gerry Tiller, now aged 85, who lives in Worthing.

I would like any information about an incident he recalls when he was in the Home Guard in Worthing prior to joining the Royal Engineers in 1944.

It involved a man who lived in one of the large houses in Findon Heights who was allegedly a German collaborator.

He would evidently observe the movements of British aircraft over the south coast and relay the information to the Germans.

He was caught by a British security agent who posed as a milkman in the Findon area whilst observing his activities, prior to his arrest when in possession of the morse-code transmitting equipment.

It is probable that the incident was not reported at the time in the local paper, but I would be grateful if anyone recalls these events or can supply me with any further details.

Bob Wragg

26 Chilgrove Close