Tell your councillor

THANK you, Mr Moore, for VRN information, but you miss the point that many people in Worthing have never owned a vehicle, so would not have that knowledge.

They purchase visitors’ permits in good faith, feeling safe and confident. When their visitor leaves and finds they have a penalty ticket, it spoils what should have been a lovely day.

Also, a neighbour’s residential permit fell on to the seat and she was pressurised by NSL; she paid up as it was too much hassle. They have a computerised system of registration and know that it’s paid for in advance for one year, so it must have been a genuine accident. It makes no difference; they want the money. I would suggest that any resident visitors receiving a penalty ticket give all details to their local councillor to deal with on their behalf.

Most councillors do not know that the problem exists until they are told.

S. Corderoy

Church Walk