Terrified by foxes

HAVING spoken to the pest control office in Worthing, I am appalled at the nonsense that surrounds the no- culling policy of foxes here.

Apparently, there are many people such as myself who are plagued by foxes, but the so-called aninmal rights people are determined no other word be heard but their own.

My pet and my feelings are not important.

Living in a ground-floor flat with a much-loved cat, who has given me years of affection and pleasure.

I now find she is terrified to go outside because she is so afraid of the foxes.

Yes, even during the day, unless I am with her, she will not go outside as the foxes will surround her and pull her to peices, a fact which I have witnessed myself.

They also walk into my sitting room in the summer if the door is open, they try to get into an open window, they make holes in the lawn and dig large holes in the garden, plus dig up new plants.

This has gone on long enough, my pet has rights also, a cull in necessary now that we have hundreds, and probably thousands of foxes in and around the town.

Farmers consider them pests and vermin, and in my opinion they are. Since they cannot be stopped from living in the town, then their numbers should be controlled.

Pat Law

Downview Road