Tesco allowed to dominate Worthing

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I HAVE just read to my disgust that Tesco Express is making a bid to have yet another shop now in Goring.

I trust our planning department will have no problem refusing this application on the grounds, firstly, that the congestion to the Goring Road is very dangerous at the present time.

We do not need yet another pull off point.

Can you imagine the confusion with the buses and the heavy traffic already?

Secondly Tesco has been allowed to dominate in the Worthing area at the cost of our small shops.

The council has already made a very big mistake with the car parking dilemma in Worthing, which all of our shops have had to bear the brunt of.

Do not let this be their next dilemma, because I feel sure there are a lot of people in Worthing who feel the same as myself, there is life without more Tescos!

It also amazes me how crafty the timing of the application was, thinking over the Christmas period the public would not be reading planning applications.

Think again, we are and we do not want this outlet.

Mrs A Guy

Fernhurst Drive