Tesco takeover?

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I SEE Worthing is about to be blessed with its ninth Tesco store.

Despite the fact that the application has yet to be approved by the borough council, scaffolding is already in place and work appears to have commenced on the old Caffyns Garage site at West Worthing shopping parade.

It would appear that might is right.

The use of Latin and vague terminology in the application, “change of use of existing floor space (Sui Generis) to A1 use class” is, some would say, an attempt to disguise the insidious advance of Tesco and its domination of the retail market.

An additional point is the timing of the application. Consultation has to be completed by December 28 and with the Christmas holiday break taking up most people’s time and efforts, the result will be few objections or any serious scrutiny of the proposal.

A further detail of the application is the construction of a loading bay fronting the shop.

This 15-metre bay will cut across the confines of the pedestrian crossing and cause considerable congestion at a point right opposite Wallace Avenue’s junction with Goring Road.

Human nature being what it is will see the loading bay used as a parking or pull-in area for a quick drop-off or pick-up, further adding to the congestion of an already busy junction.

I can think of no product that will be available at Tesco that is not already obtainable from the existing outlets. Therefore, if Tesco is to thrive, it will have to kill off the competition.

Perhaps the town council should change its welcome signs from twinned with Le Pays des Olonnes and the Elztal Region to NCP and Tesco?

Christopher Lane

St Michael’s Road