Teville Gate, again...

REGARDING the redevelopment of Teville Gate again.

As this area is so close to the railway station, and people at the west end of the promendae are often complaining about the coaches parking along the seafront in the summer, surely the best solution to all the problems is for the Teville gate area to be turned into a bus station and coach park.

The car park is already there, and people meeting off the trains, buses and coaches can have somewhere to wait.

When meeting or dropping people off on the seafront, there is nowhere to park or wait for people off the National Express coach like in other towns.

Teville gate can also have coffee shops, book shops, grocery shops, music shops, possibly flats above, and restuarants, with a regular service going into town.

Going around the Barclays Bank corner on Chapel Road/South Street could be pedestrianised, as there is going to be an accident there one day, no matter how careful the superb bus drivers are.

Another bus route would be along the seafront, thus supplying the needs of the town.

The council could compulsarily purchase the Stagecoach area, as they can, and that area could be turned into a covered mall, thus improving Worthing.

Has anybody else got any ideas for this area?

F. Stephenson

Wykeham Road