Teville Gate plans hark back to 1960s

I AM afraid I do not share Guy Fleming’s enthusiasm for the proposed development at Teville Gate. In fact, I am horrified by it.

Worthing is not a town of any architectural importance, so these two blocks are unlikely to be a blot on the landscape.

What concerns me are the families who are going to have to live in them, isolated and imprisoned many floors above street level.

Rather than looking to the future, Worthing is harking back to the 1960s, when this sort of development was popular and families were removed from their comfortable homes and gardens and forced to live in “new” tower blocks.

It was an experiment that failed and many have now been demolished.

Being so close to the railway and road, the site is not ideal for housing, but the solution probably is town houses.

Residents would have pride in their homes and it would no longer be the run-down area that it has been for so long.

George Parker

Stable Lane