Thanks for culling support

FURTHER to my letter kindly published last week in the Herald, I have received many phone calls and letters supporting my plea for a cull of the many foxes that have become a real pest in and around the town.

Thank you all very much, but as I keep pointing out, I am not the person to complain to. The person to whom you should direct all mail and phone calls is the pest control office in the Town Hall.

Let me further point out that no-one in their right mind should even suggest that the foxes should be wiped out. This is not possible, nor desirable. A cull is to keep the numbers down, probably done on a yearly basis. This way, the problem can be managed and done in a humane way.

As a footnote, I would just like to add that it has been brought to my attention that someone close to my own home feeds the foxes each day in her kitchen.

No wonder they are doing better than so many other species and instead of being in the countryside, are made welcome in people’s homes.

Mrs P. Law

Downview Road

West Worthing