Thanks for help

I WOULD like to thank the people of Lancing who came to my aid last Friday, (September 7), when I was the victim of an accident.

I was walking along the pavement, aided by my tripod rollator, approaching the junction of North Road with Culver Road, when, on looking to my right, I saw a motorised mobility scooter rounding the corner and coming straight at me, at speed. I shouted “stop”, but the driver carried on and knocked me to the pavement with some force, causing me to injure my head and back.

Some very kind people gathered round as I lay there, giving support, sending for the police and the paramedics and a doctor from the Kingfisher Surgery in Culver Road. To all these people I would like to send my thanks, and especially “Debs”, who held my hand and stayed with me until I was put in the ambulance to go to hospital.

I am at home now, very bruised and battered, but grateful to you all.

Pamela Payne,

Willowbrook Park