Thanks for looking beyond obvious protests to vote

I’d like to thank all those loyal and forward-thinking people in Pier division, which is mostly in the town centre, who voted with for me as a good candidate for the job in the county council.

Thank you to those who looked beyond the obvious protest, and the muddying of local and national politics which was meant to confuse the voters as to what they were voting for. It was for me a very hard fight but one which was worthwhile.

Talking to residents after the election, it is obvious that a large percentage of the general public still seem unaware of what voting is about, how it affects them and why they should bother to write a cross on a piece of paper.

As a woman brought up after the war years during rationing, and having learnt about the Suffragettes and the sacrifices our men and women during the last two World Wars, and indeed the Falklands and Afghanistan campaigns, I know why I should vote, and keep on voting for the Party that best matches my views, not necessarily all the time is has to be said.

But to stay at home, ignore your postal vote or not even open the door to find out what’s on offer, depresses me greatly. It’s concerning to me that our Country, much richer and with more privileges than most countries is failing its people by not educating them or motivating them to stand up for Britain.

I would have done a great job for them and Worthing, but that’s democracy for you. I wish all the successful candidates of all three successful parties Lib Dems, Tories and UKIP, four years of hard endeavour on our behalf.

The work starts now so speak up for us as a community. While I go back to my gardening, tree planting, and saving money scheme for the time being!

Hazel Thorpe

High Street