Thanks to hospital

I AM writing to express our thanks to the staff of Eartham, Clapham and Castle wards at Worthing Hospital, regarding the care of our dear, deceased mother, Stella Mitchell.

Initially, she was admitted to Castle ward, where she was given a warm reception from all the nursing staff, overseen by the lovely and highly efficient Sister Julie Carter. Mr Caruana and his medical team were also fantastic, so patient, caring and committed to her welfare. So much so that she was discharged and allowed home, to spend a precious last Christmas with us.

Sadly, she was readmitted in January, 2012, where she spent the last four weeks of her life, on Castle and Eartham wards. The care she received there was outstanding.

The nurses and doctors treated her with total respect and were completely committed to her as both a patient and as a human being.

Their sensitivity and genuine vocation to their work was truly fantastic to witness.

My mother felt safe, cared for and knew that the staff were listening to her and respecting her wishes.

When it transpired that she was dying, the news was delivered with tact and sensitivity by a young team of doctors who were quite lovely in their demeanour towards her.

Particular mention should go to the delightful Dr Aktar Rahman.

He was devoted to her medical care and clearly demonstrated his quite considerable personal skills.

He has the makings of a very fine doctor, on every level!

During her last few days, everything was done to make our mother and the family feel like Eartham ward was our second home. A separate room was found for her and the staff treated her and us with absolutely courtesy and genuine warmth and kindness.

We felt totally supported through a difficult and terribly sad time.

In the end, our mother’s death was a gentle one.

The nurses and doctors did everything to ensure she died without pain and in a gracious and dignified manner.

I feel it was fitting that she should die in the place where she felt so secure and with medical staff who knew and cared about her.

I will be telling everyone about the wonderful work and the great people my family have had the honour of meeting at the hospital, during this very difficult time.

Eddie Mitchell

Lavington Road