Thanks to pair

I would like to thank two kind ladies from Shoreham who helped me on Saturday, July 13, at a bus stop in Shoreham.

My husband and I had spent a couple of hours at the chilli festival and, as I was not feeling too well, he left me seated at the bus stop while he fetched the car.

The next thing I was aware of was that someone was placing my phone in my hand enquiring if I was feeling well.

The rest is a blur, but they stayed with me until my husband arrived, accompanied me to our car and explained to my husband what had occurred, also making sure my bag was in his safe hands.

One of them had also purchased a bottle of ice-cold water, for which I was most grateful, as I had already drained the one I always carry around with me.

They refused recompense, which I have now solved by popping the money in a charity box in their name and I will pass on their good deed in any way I can.

My grateful thanks once more to both of you. I will never forget your kindness.

P. Richardson

Plantation Way