The best band?

Harty asks ‘are Jag the best band ever to have played in Worthing?’.

I Assume he means locally based bands, otherwise we would have to consider the likes of The Who?, The Animals, The Hollies, etc.

But of the local bands, Jag certainly are, or should I say were (?), an excellent band.

But, surely everybody knows that crown must go to The Total. Hard luck if you weren’t around in the late ’60s and early ’70s!

The Total often supported the big-name bands that played Worthing on Thursday nights during that period, and they often delivered a far better performance than the headlining bands.

Few pubs offered live music then, as they do these days, to the annoyance of those who just want a quiet pint! So, bands played clubs, village halls, parties, weddings and other special occasions. The Total seemed to be just right wherever they played and everybody had a good time.

Terry McCann

Pelham Road