The man is amazing

How lovely it was to read your article on Laurie Claydon last week.

He has done so much for local sport in Worthing over the years and deserves to be properly rewarded for his long service.

I am not surprised that at the age of 80 he wants to carry on doing what only Laurie can, the man is amazing.

I played for Northbrook Football Club myself for a few memorable years and Laurie made it one of the best-organised clubs you could play for, which I am sure is still true today.

There is many a player who would have read last week’s article about the man and have memories of their sport come back whether it was football or cricket, that’s the influence he has on local sport.

Laurie, for all your efforts over the years, I like thousands of other players owe you a massive thank you. MBE for sure – what are they waiting for?

Richard Simpson

South Farm Road