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Your letters

The pavement is considered to be a safe haven for pedestrians: therefore, it did come as a surprise for the need to leap out of the way as a vehicle reversed along a Worthing pavement without any respect for the pedestrians using it.

I did advise the driver that their irresponsible driving was most definitely not what one would expect to happen on a pavement – or on the road, for that matter.

The driver was most confused by my ramblings and all that was given in return was a blank look.

An hour later, I was almost knocked off my feet by a cyclist as a young lad raced passed me, again on the pavement. I would like to take this opportunity to remind drivers and cyclists, the pavements are for pedestrians only and not a race track for cyclists or additional parking space for vehicles.

While on the subject of parking, I was quite intrigued to read the article published on November 27, about outstaying your welcome in supermarket car parks and although those in question had exceeded the time allowed, I do think some discretion by the company operating the car park should be used, especially if the customer has spent a large sum of money in the store.

With regard to the Morrison’s car park fiasco, I wonder if the same issue affects those who visit the Worthing Islamic Cultural Centre in Ivy Arch Road, who park their cars in the supermarket car park and then proceed by foot, through the pedestrian tunnel under the railway and into the centre? Perhaps the centre has an agreement with the company operating the car park?

Peter Brooks Ford

Barfield Park


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