‘The poor relation’

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I AM dismayed that the Men’s National Bowling Championships may leave Worthing and could go to Leamington.

Having qualified to play at Leamington many times, I would like to make comment on some of the issues.

The first time I went was in 1983 and Leamington was the poor relation at that time with portable toilets and tents for changing, no restaurant and the club members providing refreshments. But Leamington Council realised they had a good commodity with the bowls and by the time the Ladies’ World Bowls came in 1996, Leamington was transformed with a restaurant, brand-new toilets and the club members still providing food.

Entry to watch the Nationals is free and there is on-site parking for a fee.

Come to Worthing and what have you got? No restaurant, very poor toilet facilities, poor changing rooms, have to pay to watch and poor parking, although during the Nationals there is mobile catering.

We have the best greens anywhere, the council should be looking to make the venue more attractive so that we do not lose one of the best fortnights in Worthing.

As for accommodation, Leamington prices are expensive as most of the hotels are either Holiday Inns, Hiltons, etc.

So, come on Worthing, look at what you will lose the bowlers bring in a lot of trade to this town.

Wendy Davies

Chilgrove Close