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I am appalled at Worthing Borough Council approving an application for dog kennels to be built at Teville Gate (Herald, September 25).

They say the planned kennels will be secure and soundproof. There have been two fires at kennels in the last month, both with owners living on the premises unable to get in to rescue the dogs. Most of the dogs died.

The proposed kennels will not have anyone living on the premises. Surely this is illegal? If vandals set fire to the premises, being soundproof, no-one will hear the dogs barking to alert the public of a fire. This is an accident waiting to happen.

Dog wardens work office hours, they do not work evenings, weekends or bank holidays. Dog wardens are not going to be walking them.

Arrangements have been made for one of the staff from the Washington kennels to walk them daily.

Councillor Kevin Jenkins is right – the Teville Gate site is not the right place for kennels.

Mrs S. McSpirit

The Oval


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