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Your letters

I have had two near misses on my bike in daylight during the last two to three weeks.

Both occurred on coming onto a roundabout – the Boulevard/Palatine one with Think Bike signs and the next one leading onto The Strand.

In both cases, the drivers – one being a near neighbour – had apparently not seen me approaching on their right, despite my bright/reflective clothing and accessories.

Thankfully, there was no collision, but both incidents were avoidable and too close for comfort.

The message is clear. Drivers must take more note of other road users, particularly cyclists on roundabouts, and not use their mobile phones behind the wheel.

As is well known, this time of year is the most dangerous on the roads, statistically.

Please let us not clog up an already overstretched A&E department at the hospital.

John Wickens

Windermere Crescent


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