Think of bees

The beekeepers’ association, as well as scientists researching the decline in our bees, have asked local councils to stop mowing grass verges so often as nectar sources are destroyed.

Apparently, even dandelions, one of the richest sources of nectar to bees, may become extinct as they cannot grow and flower due to constant cutting.

The decline in the bee population is a disaster for our farmers and, eventually to us all, as we rely on bee pollination for food production.

Unfortunately, it is not only the council cutters, but I have noticed that many residents now mow the council verges outside their homes.

I am sure they are doing this with the best of intentions, but the grass is cut to within a quarter of an inch and at present, due to the hot weather, some of the verges have turned to virtually dust.

England has always been known for its beautiful landscape which used to include flower meadows, and our grass verges, if they are not cut too often, are now one of the few sources of nectar to bees.

So, please think of our bees.

Mrs I Presland

Aldsworth Avenue