This figure is from official statistics

I WOULD just like to clarify one point in the article in the Worthing Herald on May 5 regarding the Pro Life Chain held on April 30.

The article says “Pro-life campaigners believe more than seven million unborn children have lost their lives through registered abortion in Britain since it came into force 43 years ago.”

I would like to confirm that this figure has not just been plucked out of the air but comes from the government’s own official statistics for abortion where they list every year the total number of legal abortions in England and Wales (not including Scotland).

If you go to you will see the latest statistics for abortions in 2009. I believe the 2010 figures will be published shortly.

I feel the way the article is worded might give rise to ambiguity and people might not realise this figure comes from the government’s own statistics.

Mary Gilbert


Worthing SPUC branch