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Your letters
Your letters

So, the tunnels mystery has surfaced again (Your Views, October 2).

As your correspondent Chris Gould is interested in the subject, I can recommend a book, The Field Place Mystery, by Graham Lelliott. It can be obtained from Worthing Museum, priced £4.99.

Anything from the Second World War that is underground at Field Place is protected by a 75-year Government secrecy rule. So, if built in 1940, the earliest anything could be made officially known is next year. – though I’m not sure when construction, if any, took place. Over the years. the mystery has featured two or three times in the Herald.

On a similar subject, there is an underground bunker in Brooklands park.

This was constructed in the days of the Cold War to monitor any nuclear bomb effects on various above-ground instruments.

On the subject of Tarring history (Your Views, October 2), in addition to the Roger Davies’ excellent Tarring book, can I also recommend the Worthing Heritage Trail leaflet on Tarring. This can be picked up for free at the Worthing Information Centre, next to The Dome, in Marine Parade, Worthing. These two publications should satisfy K.D. Tullett’s needs.

Lastly, in your lead story in the September 25 edition of the Herald, you mentioned an attack taking place in an alleyway.

As this happened in Sussex, should you not have used the correct word, ‘twitten’? There are a number of twittens in Worthing and I think that you should protect the Sussex heritage by using correct words.

We don’t have alleyways in Sussex – they exist elsewhere.

Also the word greensward should be used to describe an area of grass next to the sea – not that I think that the Herald is guilty of this misuse yet.

Colin Atyeo

Chippers Walk


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