Time for Gus to move on

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As usual, Harty his the nail on the head with all the expertise of a carpenter right at the top of his or her game (Herald Sport, last week).

He literally nails it: it is time for Gus Poyet to move on – his time at the Albion has elapsed like a parking meter clicking into the red zone.

His period at the Albion has been a win-win (well, with a few draws thrown in and, of course, the occasional loss) – he has built a reputation and so has the club. What’s not to like? Like in any divorce, it is time for both parties to move forward with their lives and not to drag the children – the fans – into it. The fans cannot and should not be caught in the crossfire between the two.

Habitually, Harty dishes out his robust common sense like a one of the more superior vending machines for hot beverages: steaming and totally refreshing!

Ian Chapman

St Andrews Road