Time to change greengrocer?

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I see it’s take a pop at Palace time for Harty, in his column (Herald Sport, November 15).

With Brighton huffing and puffing in recent weeks, with just one win in nine games, Crystal Palace have surged from the very bottom to the top of the league with an amazing run of 13 unbeaten games, amassing 33 points and, to rub salt into Brighton, top scorer Glenn Murray was signed by Palace on a free transfer from Brighton.

Rest assured, Harty, that everyone at Palace is under no illusions, with the season only a third way through, as Millwall found out in 1995/96 season, when after 21 games they were top of Division 1 (now the Championship) and finished up getting relegated.

So, there is still hope for your pre-season prediction – you are sure to get very good odds on that now.

But, if I were you, I would be more concerned about Brighton’s league position than that of the Palace.

Also, change your fruit supplier, you have been eating too many sour grapes.

Stan Mayle

Alinora Crescent,